Testimonials: We want to earn your trust, too

ALWAYS open, and honest! ... extremely adept at looking at all perspectives.

Jodi and Daniel

If you are considering buying or selling your property, we HIGHLY recommend Teri Williams of Twilliams Reality. We had the pleasure of working with Teri on both selling and purchasing homes here on Orcas Island. She is by far the best agent with whom we have had the opportunity to work. She is extremely knowledgable, an expert in the field, ALWAYS in integrity, open, and honest! Teri is willing to take extra time for support and assistance. She understands the emotional part of selling and buying a home and is extremely adept at looking at ALL perspectives and problem solving on the spot. She is very quick to respond to inquiries and concerns and was so thorough in walking us through both processes as well as being there in person as needed. We felt so supported the whole time! Aside from the top business qualities she possesses, Teri is warm, engaging, a pleasure to be with, and has a wonderful sense of humor, which is so important! We thoroughly enjoyed developing a relationship with Teri that we treasure and know will be long lasting. Thank you, Teri Williams for helping us to land in our “forever home” on Orcas Island!

All the encouragement, advice, and sound experience ... gave me a sense of calm...

E. King

All the encouragement, advice, and sound experience you shared with me gave me a sense of calm in a time that could easily have felt very disruptive e and mind-rattling. Your pure competence is a thing of beauty. I have so much admiration for you. Thank you thank you for the smooth sail!

We trusted her from the start

Ron and Katy Lenn

When you think of the qualities that make the ideal real estate agent – Beth is the complete package. We trusted her from the start. We found working with her a joy and felt she was always there to help through every step of the purchasing process. She emanates a sense of dependability that makes you feel secure during what is, no question, a very involved process. Beth is a true professional in every sense of the word, and puts her clients interest far above her own. With our purchase she was attentive to every detail and always displayed an incredible eagerness to minimize efforts on our part. (This was especially appreciated as we were buyers from out of state – with out-of-state sellers as well). She was happy to work with contractors and schedule work on our behalf. Communication was always thorough and well detailed. For example, she arranged with contractors to locate and test an abandon well for supply and purity [which meant working with the County’s electric company to have power turned on]. She made sure the property was buildable by insuring we had an approved septic design, she combed County records for what might have been a hidden drainage pipe, (even contacted a neighbor to further verify). She also put us in direct contact with specific individuals at the water utility company who had the expertise to answers questions we had regarding future water services to the property; she even supplied aerial photos. Then, even after the sale had been finalized, she had her husband remove an ugly sign that was solidly bolted to a fir tree on the property; then emailed us pictures showing that the sign had been removed. (Sometimes it’s the little things.) To illustrate her professionalism further, after all the “i’s” had been dotted and the “t’s” crossed; she informed us that when we got ready to build she would put us in contact with reputable contractors, even assist and guide us through the maze of county permits. Whoa! … And we’re from out of state… Oh! And we should mention, escrow closing was a breeze.  She’s good, really good. We would be very happy to give Beth our highest recommendation for anyone looking to buy or sell a property.  Her in-depth knowledge and her many professional and personal contacts puts her in a desirable position to take advantage of opportunities for her clients which other Realtors can only aspire to. This by itself sets Beth apart from other Realtors.

You made things clear

Heather Vierthaler

Hello, sweet lady! I just wanted to convey to you I appreciate your time and help. You made things clear and helped us through a procedure that can be very nerve wracking and confusing. You are such a beautiful, smart, funny woman! I’m very happy to be working with you, and that we’re friends. Thank you!

Positive persistence to make real estate dreams happen

Bruce Tippery

Teri, I’ve watched you do whatever it takes to make things happen for your clients. First, you do your homework, which is how you can out-negotiate competitors to get your client the price they want to pay. You never overlook unresolved issues and future pitfalls just to get the deal done – instead you make sure there is as much certainty as humanly possible so there are no surprises down the road. And then there’s your extensive knowledge of County regulations, who’s who on the island, your business experience, and your comfortable ability in talking to everyone from the most accomplished and wealthy to new families just starting out. And let’s not forget your intangible but absolutely magic ingredient of positive persistence that brings everyone together – surveyors, attorneys, title company, county, contractors and more – to make real estate dreams happen.

Undying gratitude

Ruth Vandestraat

It was above and beyond – the things you did for me. I will never forget. You have my undying gratitude.

We never could have done this without you

Libby and Jerry Sullivan

Great news, Teri! There were times we didn’t think it would happen but you went above and beyond so many times we’ve lost count. In spite of us being 3,000 miles away, you definitely were there for us throughout the process. From finding contractors and even a home for the piano, we could never have done this without you. Our only regret is not being able to meet you in person. We wish you all the best and are happy to provide an exceptional review. Thanks again so very, very much!

Life-long connections and knowledge

Colleen and Ryan

Orcas is in good hands to know Mandy as a realtor in service of this place and people. I’m so grateful she helped us find the highly-unique land match that we are stewarding today. She takes her time, heart and soul to find and advise what is earnestly best for each party, one of those folks who feel instantly like an old friend. Drawing on her life-long connections and knowledge of Orcas, she is able to find those magical matches for those in ALL circumstances! Thank you Mandy, for helping us find HOME here.

By far the best

John and Wanda

We just bought a house on Shaw Island. We had made offers on three other properties with other real estate agents. Mandy was by far the best of everyone we dealt with. She acted as our buyer’s agent and was always prompt with her communications and very customer-oriented. She was very good at helping us settle a couple minor difficulties. If someone asked me to recommend an agent for the islands, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mandy as the best choice.

A joyful and life-changing experience

Nancy May Knapp

If someone had told me that my search for my forever home would be a joyful and life changing experience, I wouldn’t have believed them. From day one of the search for my perfect home, Mandy Randolph was my expert realtor from T Williams  Realty. I was in the best hands I ever thought possible. I never thought  that going through the hunt for my “forever home” could go so smoothly and perfectly. Mandy Randolph is a one-of-a-kind realtor. Professional, energetic, great communicator, and always, always  thinking first and foremost of her clients needs and desires. Her knowledge and that of the team at T Williams Realty is exceptional. One of the qualities I love so much about Mandy is she brings up valuable questions and ideas that I would never have dreamed of. Because of her determination, combined with the expert skills needed to look ahead at possibilities, Mandy found the perfect home for me. It was like it was built for me. Mandy also suggested some amazing and creative ideas for financing and voila! I was able to buy my home without skipping a beat. The team at T Williams Realty works together with a team base of knowledge that covers every aspect of  buying a home seamlessly. I never understood how very fortunate I was to  work with them until the sale was complete. I was expecting stress and anxiety to make such a big purchase, instead I received the knowledge and creativity of a winning team. I recommend Mandy Randolph and the T Williams Realty Team to everyone I know and will only use their office in the future. They have that extra something that the other realtors don’t and that is the confidence, knowledge and passion they exude. You are born with this confidence, it isn’t something you learn. My experience with Mandy Randolph and the T Williams Realty office was exemplary. Do yourself a favor and give them a call.  You will be in expert hands!

Focused, professional services

Christina Bollinger and Steve Seward

Teri Williams provided us with focused, professional services when we wanted to sell our property. Her firm also skillfully handled its rental until such time as an acceptable offer was received. Her style is straightforward, providing clear feedback to a client.

Knowledge and Islaand smarts helped us close in short time frame!

Brian and Karen

After 12 years on Orcas we made the hard decision to leave. Our
neighbors had told us what a great realtor Teri had been, so we listed
with her. One month later Teri and her team were helping us close on
the deal. We appreciated Teri’s knowledge of the real-estate market
on Orcas and her straight forward approach to negotiation process,
plus she has a ton of resources and connections within the community.

Raelene brings: Trust and Confidence

Benda H.

“I’ve known Raelene Casaday for over ten years. A more dedicated, reliable, kind, multi-talented, intelligent, generous person would be difficult to find. I would trust her to skillfully perform any profession she applies herself to.” -Brenda H.

Extremely knowledgeable about all facets of real estate.


Teri Williams did an outstanding job of representing and managing the sale of my property. She was always readily available for questions, extremely knowledgeable about all facets of real estate, and conducted herself in a very professional manner. I really appreciated her organization and record keeping which proved to be vital in my real estate transaction. I would not hesitate to utilize Teri in any of my future real estate endeavors on Orcas Island.

Revel in your good mind, good pricing, and real estate skills.


No other agent brings garden flowers to plant in the spring, shares homemade cookies, treasured book, and final night dinner.  We are so lucky we met you.  And no other agent’s husband comes to ferry line in the dark, bearing gifts, to see us get away safely. Wow! Bye for now, Linda

Thank you for all of your hard work and steadfast guidance


T Rex: Thank you for all of your hard work and steadfast guidance these past months. Not once did Linda or I feel anything other than peace and a resolute confidence that we had the best help in selling our house or that our personal interest was foremost in your mind. A difficult job well done!! Your Friend, Dan

Focused, knowledgable, organized advocate

A. Macfarlane

Focused, knowledgeable, thoroughly organized, great buyer’s advocate. Sandi was fantastic to work with throughout the property search and buying process. She guided us seamlessly through, at times, a challenging home purchase due to several “surprises” caused in large part by a lack of full disclosure on certain issues and poor legal contract management by the Seller’s agent (IMO). Through it all, Sandi maintained an even keel and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Great person and well respected in the Orcas and San Juan community at large based on feedback we received during our due diligence and our overall experience.

Our friend and guide

Dr. Debra Babcock

When introducing Mandy Randolph to my family and friends, I often say that she is the reason that we were able to buy a house on  Orcas Island. I’m one of the people that knew right away, on first visit, from the East Coast,  that I wanted my husband and I to find a way to make Orcas a part of our life, permanently. So right after that first visit I got online and began pursuing that possibility and Mandy, lucky for us, happened to be one of our first contacts. That first visit led to continuing visits, as often as possible, for the next few years, with Mandy as our friend and guide, teaching us about the island while we looked at houses and  properties and dreamed. Having grown up on the island before going away to school and returning to raise a family here and become a beloved teacher herself, in addition to being a real estate agent, she was a perfect view-finder to help us find our way and develop our choices about how to make our dream a reality, encouraging us all the way. Then, once when we found our house and began the actual buying process, we also had to go back and do the rest from the East Coast, and once again, thank goodness for Mandy. Thank you Mandy Randolph, we love our house!

Broker to broker

Janis McHarg, Broker, John L Scott Real Estate, Anacortes

Teri, it has been such a pleasure working with you. I appreciate your professionalism throughout!

Above and beyond

Mindy Sonshine

A huge thank you to Teri Williams for going above and beyond in every way, including greeting us when we arrived with a full shopping trip worth of gourmet amazing groceries so we were well fed as we unpacked. You are amazing! ♥

She has become family

Leon and Stephanie Rosenblatt

Making the commitment to move to Orcas Island was challenging, but it would never have happened if Teri Williams had not been such a reliable and trusted source. Not only did she understand what we wanted in our new home, but she was invaluable in helping us to find just the right spot on the island for our needs. Her integrity and local knowledge were key factors in our being able to make the right choice, but more importantly, she steered us away from properties that she knew would not work for us. She has gone beyond what we thought a real estate agent should be … she has become family!

A strong mind and determination

Pat and Roy Blay

What can you not say about Teri Williams? Quite simply, she is the ultimate Real Estate Broker. About three years ago, we were selling some property and running into more than our share of problems. Teri took over, both expertly and expeditiously, whether it was concerned with the property itself, the related paperwork, or human relations. She takes everything in stride and solves it, no matter what. And she does this with a smile, which can be disconcerting to the uninitiated, for behind that smile is a strong mind and determination.

Teri found us the perfect buyer

Lisa and Pat

We have known Teri Williams both personally and professionally for close to 30 years. After living on Orcas for 40 years we made the difficult decision to move and start a new adventure exploring the US with our base in Arizona. Teri found us the perfect buyer, who was moving back to Orcas. She and her team made this happen as only they can do with care, integrity and honesty. The added bonus for Orcas is the entire team invests in the community with volunteer service and fundraising efforts for many local organizations. Who knows – maybe Teri will help us move back to Orcas again someday?

An islander's perspective

Jon and Nicole

Mandy is the best!  She has extremely valuable information and perspective on the island since she is a native Orcas Islander. She guided my family and I with patience, intelligence, and honesty like no other realtor I’ve ever met. I should know since I, too, have a background in real estate. As I look out at my beautiful view over Eastsound, I am currently typing this testimonial from our dream home that Mandy helped us find and buy. We will always consider ourselves very fortunate for knowing her. We also love the picture she took of us as she gave us our new house keys. She had the image printed on canvas as a gift and it now adorns our hallway wall.

Trustworthy and patient

Emmy and Wendy

Buying and selling a house can be an intimidating venture. It was invaluable to have someone as trustworthy and patient as Mandy at our side.  Even when things got sticky or difficult, we always felt like Mandy was in our corner, keeping us calm and informed. It was great to have an agent who taught us so much, but even better to have made a friend that we laughed with just as much.

A gem on the island

Don and Maria

We are very lucky and thankful to have you on our team. Words like “professional”, “tenacity”, “straight shooter” along with “great sense of humor” make you a gem on the island and a good friend to boot. Truly a deal with twists and turns to the final recording. Thank you!

Simply the best agent

Liz and Bob Rodriguez

We met Beth when we decided to pursue our dream of purchasing a vacation home on Orcas Island. We had many ideas of what we thought we wanted. She listened to all of our ideas and wishes, and found us several interesting properties to look at. She offered excellent suggestions about possibilities that we had not even considered. She enhanced our decision making process by pointing out details that we missed. When we did decide on a property she quickly processed all the paperwork. She kept us informed through the entire process. She responded to our many questions, quickly, answering our emails within a couple of hours at the longest. This was so important since we are not local and had to do much over the internet/email etc. She is simply the best real estate agent we have ever worked with.

One-of-a-kind and truly a master

R.W. Spreen

Following our first contact we sent Sandi a detailed list of what we were looking for in a home. She did her homework, and showed us a number of potential fits for our needs, even though we were not ready to make a purchase immediately. The fact that we did not find anything that was “just right” did not deter her in the least. Properties like we sought are few and far between on Orcas Island, but Sandi never lost sight of our original goals list during our 3-year search. When we finally found the perfect place we knew it, and so did Sandi. She was like family, always keeping our desires in sight, and always watching out for us. During the pre-purchase inspection and evaluation period Sandi was a priceless resource for getting the very best people to help us in a critically timely way, and provided the much-needed voice of reason and calm. Incredibly detail-oriented and focused, she handled the inevitable surprises with skill and creativity, and made the process infinitely easier for us. Her negotiation skills are superb; she always seemed to know what would create success. Since our purchase, she has continued to connect us with creative, talented people to help us customize our dream home. Words truly fail us to describe the impact Sandi has had on our experience. She is one-of-a-kind, and truly a master at her craft. Potential clients should look no farther to find the ultimate professional and advocate in finding their island home

Truly one of the most knowledgeable realtors we’ve been lucky enough to work.

TP and JH

We have bought and sold several homes over the years. When it came time to list our Eastsound home for sale, we turned to Teri Williams based on her record of success and the recommendations we received from multiple trusted sources. Teri’s professional marketing analysis and strategy resulted in a multiple offer situation that allowed us to close the sale at well above list price and quickly reinvest the proceeds in a new residence. Teri is truly is one of the most knowledgeable realtors we’ve been lucky enough to work with anywhere and her love for Orcas Island and island life is second to none. T. P. and J. H.

I appreciate your skill in navigating the waters of Orcas - Covid era real estate.


Mandy and Teri, Thanks for all the work on this. I appreciate your skill in navigating the waters of Orcas – Covid era real estate. It feels like we have been asking Teri about properties forever.  Nice to have found such a good fit – both the property and the T Williams office. Mary says that I cannot ever again claim that I should reduce the complexities of my life.

What an experience this has been!


Teri, you made it an adventure where I never felt discouraged or threatened. You successfully and gently guided me through the foreign worlds of vista pruning and septic design…extraordinary. You have a manner when working with people that cannot be taught at any business or charm school. How I was blessed to have found you remains a wonderful mystery that happens few times in our lives and for which I cannot fully express my gratitude. Thank you, thank you. With love and deep appreciation, Harlene

Mandy is exceptional

Richard Track

Mandy Randolph is exceptional. First of all if you want an insider’s view and understanding of the islands, use Mandy as she grew up on Orcas. Her understanding of the market and the pros and cons of where to live on the island are insightful. However, the most valuable and important  reason I feel  to work with Mandy is her integrity, her kindness, and her professionalism.

Admiration and respect

Jack and Wendy Rawls

Teri, it was a privilege to meet you. You gained our admiration and respect for the way you conduct your business, and especially enjoyed your enthusiasm and forthright manner – leaving no available stone unturned. We will recommend you without reservation and look forward to seeing you around Orcas.

The dream team

Bob and Janis Maddox

Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for a very thoughtful evening – fancy hors d’oeuvres, fancy drinks and a lovely dinner! We did not give our rehearsed toast for THE DREAM TEAM, but certainly feel you all did a great job for us. We truly do and always will appreciate your representing our home.

Invaluable support


Thank you Teri! Your work and support throughout this long distance venture was invaluable. This is a dream come true for me; now I have to be patient for the time I may be on Orcas full-time. I am deeply grateful for all your efforts in making this dream come true.

For energy, call Teri

Tom T.

I was asking around about whom to use as a Realtor, and many said if you want someone to put some energy into it, call Teri!

Fun, down-to-earth, positive


Mandy Randolph is one of the most fun, down to earth and positive women I know. She cares about making meaningful connections and truly knows and loves Orcas Island.

Your expertise is unsurpassed

Sharon Harvey

The best team EVER – thank you to you all and to Miss T, who had the first vision to open this successful real estate company. Teri, you are really precise and brilliant. Your expertise is unsurpassed. Love from another delighted customer. And the short of it: Teri you make dreams come true!

A pleasure working with Beth

Ed Miner

Beth is pleasant, courteous, helped with a number of extraneous things, and was always right on top of anything that needed to be done. She had good connections with people involved in the sale and good references for services needed to process the transaction. She was instrumental in making a somewhat complicated sale smooth – it was a pleasure working with her.

Integrity, energy and professionalism

Eric Paerels and Laurie St. Aubin

Our utmost respect and admiration go to Teri and Sandi at T Williams Realty for helping us realize the purchase of a spectacular lot on Orcas Island. The purchase of raw land is not easy and particularly so if it is done long distance; we reside on the opposite side of the world, in Australia. The integrity, energy and professionalism at T Williams Realty gave us the confidence and comfort that nothing will be left to chance. T Williams Realty followed the letter of the Sale Agreement and worked tirelessly to insure that the selling agent did not deviate; there were plenty of opportunities to take the “easy” road. Teri’s depth of experience in real estate transactions combined with her many years of construction permitting gives her an edge in the real estate market that not many can match. Her experience in this combined arena allowed us to ask the right questions and request the necessary documentation to insure we can build our future home per our expectations. Congratulations to a superb team!

Three closed transactions in nine months

Don and Jenny Johnston

It is with great gratitude and respect that we describe for you our experience working with Mandy Randolph. We moved to Orcas Island in the Fall of 2018. Being totally embraced by the island’s beauty and people, we soon made plans to find land on which to build our future forever home. Having met Mandy through my work with the school district, we asked for her help in our search for a nice piece of property. Mandy spent quality time and energy with us, in personal conversation as we drove around viewing different lots for sale. Having been born and raised on the island, Mandy is privy to a unique and deep understanding of the history of the different neighbors, properties, and chain of ownerships. She was able to take her expertise as well as what she learned about our dreams for a home and match us up with the perfect, water view lot. With Mandy always filling us in ahead of time with what to expect (be it county or title expectations), we were able to get a very fair price and move through the purchasing process smoothly. Then we found our dream home, already built and waiting for us. Mandy didn’t bat an eye. She got us pending with an offer significantly below asking price. On many occasions Mandy took the time and effort to meet face to face with the selling agent or other experts to hash out details and ensure the deal worked with our needs in mind. Mandy is a genuinely personable person and knows how to use conversation and her intuition to make a deal. As soon as we closed on the house, we needed to sell the water view property. Again, Mandy jumped back on the treadmill and started working for us as sellers. Within 3 weeks we had a cash offer for more than we had purchased the property for just 8 months earlier. In a nutshell, Mandy was able to close three transactions in 9 months for us. Any agent can get lucky with one transaction going smoothly, but three in a row in 9 month’s time? Only a highly skilled, quality person can do that. She did so while she juggling other clients and her own personal life, but as far as we could see, she was only focused on us and our needs. We could not be more satisfied with our experience with Mandy Randolph and especially appreciate that she has become our friend in the process.

Highly recommended

Steve Kastelitz

I recommend this firm to anyone considering selling or buying real estate in the San Juan Islands.

Knowledge and creativity

Nancy K.

The team at T Williams Realty works together with a base of knowledge that covers every aspect of buying and selling a home seamlessly. I was expecting stress and anxiety. Instead, I received the knowledge and creativity of a winning team.

You want Sandi to represent you

J. Suthergreen

Sandi’s extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and of county rules, her willingness to do thorough research and thoughtful analysis before making recommendations, her experience and no fear in negotiating, her talent for finding the right words to express the rationale for your point of view and actions, her tact, her diligence and hard work ethic, her attention to detail, her background in home design … combined with her grace and kindness … make her a realtor you want representing you.